IoT and Digital Storage Challenges

Improve them and them so on a future take love in India before I start this problem I'm really like thank you for the opportunity. All right. In this presentation talk mainly about some deep story challenges for injured or things as many of you know that he has big stars. The food industry revolution the market research companies estimated that the entire things is a trillion dollar industry worldwide and by 2020 there would be billions of devices connected to the Internet these connected sensors and devices that generate a massive amount of data. Some companies estimate that it be close to the debates which is what many times higher than group recorded data in 2013. Here is one more. Since your presentation of not only the degenerated into brute prodigals of different things as you can see and the prediction 2020 is in multi multiple of the bytes. So the first question that comes into mind is that where do we store the data. How cloud is the de-facto solution for this. So the typical story includes how do you do file systems which is a platform for long term data storage as large capacity to handle big data generated in the system for most interdependency storage. They don't want to pass from. And there are several other alternatives like x rays. It provides structure information straight back from its polluted or his manager and not have seen in many other methods. The second challenge thats very important and at this juncture is how do we provide security and privacy. And as you can see from the picture and the right controls the flow of data from things and then there are things that get through to the cloud and then to the enterprise. And in most of the cases detailed transit is where it is targeted. If such data is not properly encrypted and it is not secure so will the data leak and the hacking is becoming very common to such a leak and hacks and rebin personal choices and habits. For example river running tracks the appliances of shopping trials are making a day at those locations. Also to also be subjected to defensive rounds of facts as we have seen recently on the web. So the next generation storage for Internet things must have some requirements from these challenges. First some integration of strong the current should be there by design. For example there has to be encryption so that the details instrument Glenn Beck's has to be stored as secure data and there has to be a strong indication from where that it is coming. Then they should be destroyed and storage in Embu enablement are faster bigger retrieval versing and many others. So you can do that discussion around distant storage and things happen and are your organizing visions and PNB conference in India in late February 2015. So the government of India has released has taken some very decent initiatives on big India and big in India. These are transforming the infrastructure of our cities and just and many other things and promoting the term transformation at the international level. So the conference is quite timely and I briefly mentioned some of the highlights of the program that we are amassing as we speak. So this would be a two day conference. The first to back in is really the keynote session and exhibits between the architectures and memoryless for technologies. The second to back with industry keynotes and hands on training session how to survive and market against massive applications would also target and provide some clear visions about future cloud storage for the credit card industry I will provide details about a bit of warehousing Get Smart delegations delegation's also the sessions that raises awareness are bigger and stronger than solutions. In India I understand the potential opportunities of in and making and access. How do we access the rapidly growing consumer story that every market. So with that I would like to thank you again and please follow us in on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have a question you can contact me by email up or act on it. And if you are interested to participate sponsor or have some exertion in the conference in India please feel free to Doc Don or me any. Thank you very much.

IoT and Digital Storage Challenges

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